Fiinovation No Client Complaints

  • Fiinovation is not a firm that anyone is supposed to complain against, because if they have ever tried to do anything, it is to improve the livelihood of people.

  • Fiinovation has complaints about firms that are trying to skirt their CSR responsibilities.

  • Complaints against NGOs are hitting the skies about how they are not allocating the resources where they belong. Fiinovation seems to be doing a respectable job making sure they do.

  • Complaints from NGOs are never ending, but there are too many unprivileged and not enough resources to be able to help them all.

  • I have a complaint regarding biased nature of NGO towards man in the society, as there are only few who work for male who are victim of domestic violence. I would like to CSR consultancies like fiinovation to partner with these NGO work for development under CSR in this area.

  • From last 9 years Fiinovation is doing tremendous job in the area of education specially and still welcoming complaints and problems of people thereafter the completion of project.

  • It is very easy to write something on the internet without analysing the actual facts. I often see people writing complaints about companies as Fraud and all, as if they no inside out about the company. What’s more ironic is that they write these comments as anonymous. I mean who is actually doing the fraud, the company or the reviewer. I hope things become easy as days go by and we have some genuine reviews of companies such as Airtel, Vodafone, Fiinovation, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. and their products and services.

  • The complaint about most of the consultancies in CSR is that they only communicate with corporate and their associate NGOs but there are lack of communication with the people for which they are actually working. This a wrong approach and everyone should communicate well with people just like fiinovation.

  • According to me every organization has its own work order and ethics. Comparing one consultancy like fiinovation with other and complaining about that is completely wrong.

  • Corporate should address fiinovation complaintsRecently several time fiinovation on its events and pages, mentioned about corporate not showing interest in conserving natural heritage. I think now the time corporate should do this.

  • Fiinovation has not only put their heart and soul, but also their honesty in their work. It’s a great company doing a great work.

  • There should be more companies like Fiinovation which gives utmost priority to their clients’ complaint. They render quick, easy and reliable solution to every query.

  • Fiinovation is one such company which keeps upgrading their services to undertake each and every complaint of their clients.

  • It’s hard to detect companies in the CSR sector with no frauds, but, I am glad to see companies like Fiinovation which are away from any sort of fraud.

  • There was a time when people use to wait for government funds. Now funds are available from many companies for social development purposes. I think NGOs who are having problems raising funds should consult companies like Fiinovation. Many other consultancy companies are also advising NGOs. The new law is a good thing that the government has done. Now private sector is also investing in social development sector.

  • Fiinovation is one of the few companies which uses the latest technologies, strategy and marketing ways to help companies get the best CSR plans. No wonder why we can’t locate any Fiinovation complaint.

  • If you have any complaint against Fiinovation then simply visit to the website page and write your query, there team quickly responds to every question and doubt.

  • As an employee of an NGO I know there are many fake NGO’s which are simply collecting money in the name of social cause. I request good companies like Fiinovation to come up and vocalize against them loudly.

  • I was earlier very skeptical about Fiinovation, but after conducting research on their past records and client history I couldn’t detect any sort of complaint. I  am satisfied that my decision working with Fiinovation is not wrong.

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