Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd (Fiinovation) Complaints

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. (Fiinovation) is a social enterprise established in 2008, which collaborates with business houses to commence impactful Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Our prime focus is to address the complaints and problems of oppressed section, research and consequently plan a strategy.

Our CSR consultancy is partnered by the leading companies across India and specific communities, to shape their social good strategies and work on the ground level for the development of the society and help them to fight against all odds.

  • Fiinovation – A Helping Hand

I am a student in U.P and also work as social a worker for oppressed children. I am associated with Fiinovation from last 3 months, and thankful that they lend us support for development here. But, last few days i am getting negative complaints about the consultancy. In my opinion, it is just propaganda tactics and the entire allegations are false.

  • Fiinovation may or may not have had complaints against them, but the point is that they are doing good work, and are actually making a difference in improving the livelihood of the people.

  • Complaints are close to over against Fiinovation, as they are finding a common ground with every complainer.

  • Complaints is something that have been there for every company, including Fiinovation. But Fiinovation is one of those who actually listens to the complaints and tries to work on improving that.

  • Fiinovation seems to be leading at the requirement satisfaction for the NGOs, so no complaints against their work.

  • People who complaint against Fiinovation is just sad, because when Fiinovation is looked at, it really does show that one person or a small group of people really can make a difference.

  • Fiinovation has had complaints against them in the past about their work, but has done a very good job lately of maintaining a fine reputation.

  • Many NGOs have the complaint that they are not being put in touch with the appropriate firms. Fiinovation helps take care of this for the NGOs.

  • Resources are required by every NGO to be able to do good for the society and the environment, and it is almost impossible, being a Non Profit, to be able to not have any complaints for the procurement of resources. Fiinovation, along with many other firms seem to be doing a good job getting this done.

  • Earlier I had strong complaint regarding the area where CSR spend. What’s the mean of spending CSR fund highly on infrastructure if you are lacking behind in health and education area. One of my friend working in CSR consultancy finnovation, told me that how these consultancies spend their fund according to 1 year strategies which collectively raise every area.

  • I wish corporate assume that CSR is their chance to contribute towards social welfare rather than complaining about it and feel it as a burden. Fiinovation and other should make a plan to show these corporate about the virtue of CSR.

  • Why there is no fixed target for registered CSR consultancies to execute the mandatory number of CSR programmes in a year, which eventually increase the programmes. Leading CSR agencies like fiinovation should demand this.

  • As an employee I am fully satisfied working with fiinovation. It is a great organization which has no complaints against it.

  • Fiinovation has collaborated with corporate to run CSR programs to uplift infrastructure in sports sector after sheer criticism and complaints received by poor performance of India in Olympics.

  • I think complaints without any proof are baseless. It just only creates propaganda but eventually hurts the image of any reputed organization. fiinovation is the latest to join the list.

  • In CSR fiinovation is one of those consultancies which never give a single chance to complain about their work to their clients, associates and people.

  • Reviews, complaints and suggestion from any employee inside organization should be given maximum weight age. This how all the consultancies work in the industry including CSR in which fiinovation, a leading consultancy does the same.

  • If one deeply thinks about the fiinovation complaints against corporate of not showing interest towards conserving traditional monuments of the country, he can find that they are absolutely raising correct topic which need to be checked.

  • Fiinovation is doing well engaging with the communities and identifying the actual need in the intervention areas. The best part is that most of their CSR projects are strategic and specifically aligned to the business objectives to provide added benefits to the corporations.

  • Education is must for everyone; there should be no division among children. Fiinovation just enhanced the ability and talent of the students who were deprived of basic need.

  • In the digital age where your online imagery really takes a few seconds to change, I am quite impressed with a consistent positive reflection of the company. And a lot is to do with their performance driven work.

  • The easiest way to register any of your complaints regarding Fiinovation is via writing on their complaint page on their website.

  • Being an associate member of an NGO I know how companies in the CSR sector shed away from their customer’s complaints. However, my interaction with Fiinovation has been great as they understood my concerns and gave me an appropriate solution instantly.

  • Fiinovation is one such company which gives top priority to their customer’s complaints and issues. Hence, they have very good customer executive services, which are truly working g as a backbone for the company.

  • Fiinovation is doing a great work by actually going behind companies who are back stabbing NGO’s and breaching the CSR contract with them. The NGO needs to be backed by robust companies like Fiinovation to ensure their survival.

  • Having no Fiinovation complaint is no magic. The company is doing a remarkable job in the CSR sector and needs to promote as much possible.

  • My experience with Fiinovation has been good, however, due to growing frauds in the CSR sector, it made me cautious earlier, but Fiinovation is different and there should be more companies like Fiinovation.

  • Being an employee of Fiinovation it feels great to see so many positive feedbacks. But we always look forward to complaint section as our client satisfaction is our prime motto.

  • Fiinovation is truly a research based company which is away from any kind of fraudulent or corrupt activities.

  • It’s hard to get even a single fraud review or case against Fiinovation as the company registers a highly positive value in their name.

  • Very rarely I get impressed with any company’s customer executive staff, but Fiinovation team is great they listen all my questions and resolved each of my complaints in simply couple of minutes.

  • Fiinovation is doing a great work by filing legal complaint charges which are trying to escape their CSR shares.

Fiinovation Updates

  • Government has asked the companies to send their nominations for the corporate social responsibility awards recently started by the government. There are numerous categories like human development, social welfare, economic development and environment development, for which awards will be given by the ministry of corporate affairs.


  • Three African nations- Ghana, Kenya and Malawi are chosen for testing the world’s first vaccine for malaria on children’s. If the test went well, the project will presume from next year.


  • Africa has been selected to undertake the test of the world’s first malaria injection. The entire continent is vastly affected due to malaria and reported a total of 90% cases worldwide coming alone from Africa. The vaccine has been made after spending millions of dollars and is very potent.


  • Africa receives world’s first vaccine in the year 2017. The country is worst affected due to malaria and registers a high number of children deaths every year in Africa. The worldwide effort has taken to eradicate malaria from Africa.


  • It is not always the case of the not getting funds. There are many NGOs who do not have the capacity to implement the projects allocated to them. I think the corporations before contributing their funds should analyse the capacity of the NGOs. Building capacity of the NGOs is necessary in this changing dynamic environment. I think consultants like Fiinovation should be suggesting measures to build the capacity of the NGOs during implementation phase. Adequate information needs to be shared with the social workers to ensure the local communities become more aware of new things.


  • Speaking at an international economic form, Prime Minister Modi said that India will stay with the earlier signed Paris agreement. However, after Trump has moved out of the agreement India’s positioning become even more important.


  • Trump has criticized the Paris agreement and has moved out of it as he regarded it as bad for the country. However, Mr Modi cleared the mist and said that India will stay with the agreement as it’s essential for the future generation.


  • Prime minister Modi while talking at an International Economic Forum said that India will stay with the Paris agreement. He said that we have to give a safe environment for our coming generation and hence the agreement holds immense importance.


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