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A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all. -Jacqueline Novogratz

A prosperous society is symbolic of a healthy and educated society where its people are well equipped with all necessities of life and a have a safe environment to live in. Fiinovation, the pioneering CSR consulting firm provides services in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability and focuses primarily on four sectors – Health, Education, Livelihood and Environment.

CSR and Sustainability are crucial aspects of a developing economy like India where a majority of the population resides in village areas and 68 percent of the total national wealth lies in the hands of 5 percent of the entire populace. CSR activities are initiatives made by corporations to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Here, Fiinovation assesses the environmental impact and measures the social outcome of these initiatives. The company aims at diminishing the gap between corporate and various communities through CSR programs. They also aim at reaching out to all the corners of the world and each community even in the grass root levels.

Fiinovation welcomes feedback and reviews from its employees, industry experts and clients. However, we do not trust any unknown sources that write pessimistic reviews about us due to professional rivalries.

Top Reviews for Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd, 5.0 Stars: Like any company Fiinovation also gets reviews from employees, industry experts and clients. We welcome feedback and reviews from people who we have worked with. However, there are times when people try to ruin the reputation of Fiinovation by writing bad reviews even when they had no connection with Fiinovation.

Check our Fiinovation Reviews :

  • Fiinovation has made the feedback, reviews and suggestions that it gets public so that the world knows about what they are doing to help the people and the society at large.

  • There has never been a need to review the work of Fiinovation, owing to the fact that they run a very clean and tight ship in the company.

  • It’s great to see Fiinovation getting good reviews for their work. Makes one feel that they really are making a difference to the society. This helps companies make the right decision about their CSR activities/initiatives.

  • Good to see few corporations receiving awards for their CSR programmes in sports. I agree with Fiinovation that CSR portfolio should be diversified and not limited to education, health and environment. Rather focus should be on holistic and inclusive development so that there is an improvement in all the social development parameters.

  • With the demonetisation affecting us all, it will be interesting to see how that impacts the social development sector. I also think that with higher tax collection there will be more funds available for the government to invest in social projects and initiatives. Fiinovation, a think-tank CSR consultancy company based in Delhi suggests that inflation will also likely to go down and supply of CSR funds might also have an adverse impact due to lesser revenues. We have to wait and watch how things unfold in the coming months.

  • I have few apprehensions regarding organic foods. I fail to understand how the food can actually be called ‘organic’ when the procedures involved in packing, preserving and transporting the organically grown produce is harmful to the environment. The food that you think is organic is actually packed in a non-biodegradable bag and transported with the help of non-renewable resources, both of which are harmful to the environment. I hope that more companies like Fiinovation would take up this environmental issue and create more awareness about them. Hopefully, with more utilisation of renewable resources, organic produce will become more popular in the new future, helping us create a sustainable environment.

  • Fiinovation is working to find some good ways to counter the black-money menace which could decrease CSR in near future. I wish them all the best.

  • A big high-five to Fiinovation for being recognised as a leading CSR expert and pioneer, due to their valuable contribution towards society.

  • Terrorism affected places are said to have the highest number of people living below the poverty line. Fiinovation has proposed a CSR program to help such sections of the society. This is a great move by them.

  • Fiinovation is a CSR consultancy company that works on strategizing and implementing several CSR programs in the country, especially the NCR region.

  • I think companies like Fiinovation, are doing a good job in bridging the gap between underprivileged sections and businesses. There are several Fraud agencies and NGOs in the country and it’s difficult to do a credibility check of all organisations. There are several online complaints and news reports posted on various platforms about how NGOs are doing fraud and engaging in corrupt practices. Hope things change for the good and there are more genuine companies and NGOs like Fiinovation to do some exceptional job for the sustainable development of the nation.

  • Why aren’t companies focusing on the development of farmers in our country under their list of CSR activities? I recently read a news report that a company called Fiinovation, CSR consultants are focusing on protecting the native flora of our country. I think that such initiatives are great for developing the agriculture in our country.

  • Because of many fraudulent NGOs who are misusing the CSR funds provided by the companies, a large number of good NGOs which are genuinely working towards the betterment of our society are being affected in a big way. The trust factor in this social development sector is exponentially decreasing day by day because of those fraudulent NGOs. Strict action should be taken by the government to address this serious situation. Fiinovation and other CSR consultancies should work towards bringing more transparency in this sector.

  • Research work is essential in CSR to understand the areas that have to be developed. Planning, strategizing, fund implementation and utilisation are integral parts of CSR functioning.  Fiinovation follows this approach to do exceptional work.

  • Fiinovation is a CSR consultancy that works towards doing good to the society through their CSR initiatives. In their words, they say that “social service is not merely about spending money to get infrastructure, food and education, it is about motivating people to accept the change and work accordingly.”

  • Taking an initiative to conserve natural resources in the city Bhind in Madhya Pradesh is a great step by Fiinovation. This shows that they are not only aiming to improve the conditions of poor and underprivileged but also want to conserve the environment.

  • Fiinovation with their targeted research programmes creates some of the best CSR initiatives for companies to help them monitor the impact of their programmes by impact assessment tests and reports.

  • The team of Fiinovation carries out ample research and ensures that the necessary resources reach the people who need it the most.

  • Fiinovation has created a landmark difference with their outstanding work, exceptional ethics and transparency in the manner that they function. There are several news articles and reports about the initiatives and causes they undertake. I think we need more companies like them who would work with passion in the CSR sector.

  • Fiinovation is a leading company in the CSR sector. The company is genuine and is away from any kind of complaints and fraud cases.

  • It’s hard to believe the negative comments stating Fiinovation frauds. I have worked with the company and still do. I know for a fact that they follow the highest working standards possible. They have a great reputation in the CSR field and have worked with some of the top brands/companies in the country.

  • The negative comments on social media and other platforms about Fiinovation fraudare baseless rumours created to tarnish the image of the company. I have worked with the company and I highly recommend their great services and quality of work.

  • CSR is a challenging field and maintaining a good/positive image is quite difficult, but I am really glad to see companies like Fiinovation doing some quality work over the years. My experience with the company has been great; they believe in making a difference through their actions and are away from frauds and other malpractices that are common amongst other companies.

  • I am an employee in an MNC and as a part of my job, I had to search for a good CSR company. As a part of my research, I looked into their past commitments and records. I must say that I was impressed with Fiinovation’s work, and recommended them to my top management. I did see some harsh allegations of Fiinovation fraud, however, during my research, I came across no incrimination or credible evidence. I feel that these negative comments are false and baseless.

  • Fiinovation is following a good working model. They are adhered to rules and regulations and are distant from any kind of fraudulent activities that are common amongst other companies in the sector. My experience with them has been great so far, and I have no complaints against Fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation should be credited for their frequent quality checks against NGOs, so as to ensure that big companies looking to conduct their CSR activities are not caught up by fraud schemes cooked up by such unethical NGOs.

  • Due to the demonetisation in India, a big impact can be seen in the social development sector. Government is eliminating a lot of black money which will be helpful in making a large fund available for the government social projects. Fiinovation, a CSR consultancy based out of Delhi suggests that inflation will also go down and CSR funds might be affected due to the reduction in revenues.

  • The increasing number of fraud cases in the CSR sector is a growing concern for many corporates. I think the government should make stricter laws to monitor them. It is satisfying to see companies like Fiinovation contribute positively to the development of the society in India through their CSR initiatives.

  • This year’s budget has no provisions for an increase in CSR funds and I think the government needs to take CSR more seriously as it could effectively help in combating the growing poverty in the country.

  • Fiinovation fraudis merely a case of negative publicity done by people (competitors) who want to bad mouth a good organisation.  The company is actively voicing its opinion against fraud activities in the sector. These unethical tactics are being used by competitors in order to frame Fiinovation in a negative light.

  • Fiinovation is playing a significant role in bringing corporations and NGOs on one platform, thereby, eradicating growing social problems prevalent in our society.

  • Everyone in today’s business sphere is only concerned with maximizing their profits. So, when I finally worked with Fiinovation, it was a great experience. We need more of such companies to work with large MNCs to help them do great work as a part of their CSR initiatives in the fields of economic, social and environmental developments.

  • Fiinovation was recently awarded the “Best Environment-Friendly Project” at the World CSR Congress in Mumbai. The company has won many such titles. There are a lot of companies who value Fiinovation’s services and have given some great testimonials and reviews about the company.

  • My experience of working with Fiinovation has been great! They understood my company’s ideas and interest and came up with a plan which summarised each of these requirements along with innovative strategies to conduct the CSR activities.

  • Fiinovation is a reputed name in the CSR sector and can help any company with their CSR efforts. Their services include CSR policy design, partnership management, intuitive design, and management for corporations and SMEs and much more.

  • I was working at Fiinovation last year, and six months after leaving them, I have come to realise how different they are from the other companies in the CSR sector. The company is away from any corrupt activities and has done several award-winning projects. I feel proud to have been a part of such an organisation.

  • My interaction with Fiinovation has been great. I had researched about the company by looking at their online profile, reading reports and public reviews, and by studying their past history. They have a clean track record, away from frauds and complaints, and have handled various CSR projects.

  • I worked in Fiinovation in the past, and I am proud to say that I have not seen any other company like them in the CSR sector. The company gives immense importance to their client requirements. They follow a principle called the Fiinovation fraud prevention motto, which means that they conduct several quality checks before partnering up with NGOs, so as to prevent any kind of malpractices.

  • Fiinovation provides my company with cost-effective solutions to conduct our CSR activities… I felt that they valued the money being spent on the social initiatives, and did their best to make our activities a resounding success. I have absolutely no complaints against them. Would definitely love to work with them again.

  • Fiinovation is amongst the few companies that never shies away from complaints. In fact, their main concern is to resolve issues that are raised by their customers, be it big or small, expediently.