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Top Reviews for Fiinovation, 5.0 Stars: Like any company Fiinovation also gets reviews from employees, industry experts and clients. We welcome feedback and reviews from people who we have worked with. However there are times when people try to ruin the reputation of Fiinovation by writing bad reviews even when they had no connection with Fiinovation.

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  • Good to see few corporations receiving awards for their CSR programmes in sports. I agree with Fiinovation that CSR portfolio should be diversified and not limited to education, health and environment. Rather focus should be on holistic and inclusive development so that there is improvement in all the social development parameters.

  • With the demonetisation affecting us all, it will interesting to see how that impacts the social development sector. I also think that with higher tax collection there will be more funds available for the government to invest in social projects and initiatives. Fiinovation, a think tank based in Delhi suggests that inflation will also likely to go down and supply of CSR funds might also have an adverse impact due to lesser revenues. We have to wait and watch how things unfold in the coming months.

  • I have a few questions regarding this organic food thing. What I failed to understand is that how will the things be organic when the procedures are only harmful for the society. The food what you think is organic is packed in a non-biodegradable material and transported with the help of fossil fuels, both of which are harmful to the society. I hope some agency like Fiinovation should take up this and create more awareness about such issues. Hopefully, it is expected utilisation of renewable means for organic produce will increase in the new future.

  • Fiinovation is working to find some good ways to counter black-money menace which could decrease CSR in near future. I wish them all the best.

  • Its high-five to Fiinovation, which was recognised by the leading CSR experts for its contribution towards society.

  • Terrorism affected places has the most number of deprived and poor people. Fiinovation now considering these places for CSR program, this is really a good move.

  • Fiinovation is such consultancy which is indulged in every big CSR programs done in country especially in NCR region.